If you need more supernatural horror in your life - and who doesn't? - you'll want to get in on the ground floor for new web series Divine. It's about fighting evil, and stars Supernatural's greatest angel, Misha Collins.


The series creators have filmed the first two episodes, and are raising money via Kickstarter to film the next four episodes - and hopefully create a long-running series!

Here's what the filmmakers say:

Divine: The Series is a dark action/supernatural thriller that's got the DNA of graphic novels, kick-ass action sequences and creepy supernatural dread all in its genetic makeup. It's a show that wants to entertain but also make our viewers think and debate some of life's biggest mysteries such as: is there some force beyond what we can see? Does each of us have the free will to decide our destiny or are our decisions preordained by a higher power?

Our story is about a young priest at a crossroads in his life. He finds himself reassigned to a run-down inner city mission. There he witnesses proof of the supernatural when a gravely injured man named Divine is resurrected from the brink of death. Divine has been fighting for centuries, trying to show fallen souls that they have the power to choose between good and evil. With guidance from the mission's Deacon and Divine's street-smart sidekick Jin, the priest must now confront his own demons as well as the dark forces that challenge Divine and threaten to plunge humanity into a dark abyss.


They've already met their funding goal (a very modest $10,000, considering everything they're doing), so let's give them a little bit more to help them on their way!

Find out more about Divine, and donate, via Kickstarter

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