A Cursed Doll Is Forced To Be A Sickly Webcomic Witch's Only Friend

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The Dreamer, star of the webcomic The Forgotten Order, is a bone doll, a human cursed to serve the race of wizards known as the Fauni. When she finds herself owned by a sweet but incompetent Fauni witch girl, the girl thinks she's finally found a friend. But the Dreamer longs for her freedom—and revenge on the wizard who cursed her.


In the world of C. Morgan Bontrager's webcomic The Forgotten Order, the horned Fauni possess a natural magic, one that let them turn humans (and perhaps other creatures) into bone dolls, mischievous mystical slaves. Now that bone dolls are considered illegal, the Dreamer has whiled away the years in a merchant's cabinet, nursing a grudge against the wizard who made her a bone doll, a wizard she can't remember. In the meantime, she dreams and encounters a seemingly immortal fellow dreamer who asks to meet her in the real world, something beyond the Dreamer's power.

But one fateful day, the Dreamer lands in the hands of Trystan, a young Fauni girl who, unlike the other members of her race, is utterly untalented in magic. Trystan suffers from a mysterious illness, and between her fragile health and her lack of magical ability, she has been left friendless. And so the Dreamer becomes the slave-friend to the emotionally starved girl—whether the Dreamer likes it or not.


Even as the Dreamer explores the mystery behind her own curse, however, she begins to wonder if there isn't more to Trystan than meets the eye. What is the nature of Trystan's strange illness? Does her quiet but powerful apothecary father know more than he lets on? And why does she seem incapable of using magic when her siblings are so adept at it? Despite her position as a magic-bound servant and Trystan's cloying nature, the Dreamer even starts to care about the childish girl.

But Bontrager keeps the Dreamer's own mystery just as interesting, peeling back the layers of her past in the menacing dreaming world. And it seems very likely that Trystan and the Dreamer's mysteries will collide—and that Trystan will have to grow up if either of them every wants to solve them.

[The Forgotten Order]

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