A Cursed Board Game Haunts Its Players In Throwback Horror Comedy Beyond the Gates

Beyond the Gates tarot card designed by artist Doug Kovacs.
Beyond the Gates tarot card designed by artist Doug Kovacs.

In Jackson Stewart’s Beyond the Gates, brothers whose father has been missing for months make an intriguing discovery in his seemingly abandoned video shop: an old board game that requires a VCR to play, and seems nothing more than a retro oddity—until, as this clip shows, it reveals its sinister powers.

Sharp-eyed cult movie fans will note that the blonde woman in the video is none other than Barbara Crampton, legendary star of Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, and You’re Next. Here’s the trailer for Beyond the Gates, which will be out in theaters and on VOD and digital platforms starting December 9.

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Oh God, someone finally made the movie adaptation of Atmosfear/Nightmare I so wanted!!!

Can’t wait.

ETA: Oh man, now that I watched the full trailer - so many nods to Atmosfear. The purple tape, the game being about finding keys, even the boxart is somewhat similar. It can’t be a coincidence