A Creepy Comic About Kelpies, Scotland's Murderous, Supernatural Horses

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In Scottish folklore, a kelpie is a shape-shifting water spirit that may take the form of horse in order to drown anyone foolish enough to try to ride them. This comic by cartoonist Emma Weakley imagines a particularly tragic encounter between two young boys and one of those horse-shaped monsters.


Be sure to go to Weakley’s DeviantArt gallery (where she goes by porcelianDoll) to see her kelpie art in its full glory — as well as her other artwork. You can also follow her on Tumblr.


[via r/creepy]

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Every time I go to Ediburg Airport to go home from Uni I drive by the heads of Kelpies. Every time I think to myself “who thought that was a good idea? At best its 2 horse heads, at worst its two demon horse heads.”