A Crazy Close-up Video of the Sun's Latest Coronal Mass Ejections

The sun is at it again, this time blasting its second magnetic bubble of energetic plasma in as many days. The blast is heading towards Earth at a speed of 1,360 kilometers per second and is expected to arrive on June 16.


Check out the video (above in banner) to see several of these latest coronal mass ejections in exquisite, close-up detail. The video was captured by NASA's STEREO spacecraft.

The CMEs are located over the eastern limb of the Sun, which starting happening on June 6. They have persisted since that time.


It's difficult to predict the effects of this magnetic pulse when it hits Earth, but it's unlikely to be the Big One. These blasts will likely trigger a geomagnetic storm around the poles, and interfere with some communications.

Via Spaceweather.com. Video via NASA.

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i just keep giggling at "coronal mass ejections"