Ben Kingsley teaches a mob of alien men, including Garry Shandling, how to convince an Earth woman to spread her legs, in this hideous clip from What Planet Are You From? (Possibly NSFW virtual chick.)

2000's What Planet Are You From? tries to cash in on the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus craze by having Shandling actually come from a planet where the men are all emotionally stunted nerds who excel at science and competition, but suck at relationships and feelings and stuff. Shandling is chosen to travel to Earth and impregnate an Earthwoman (just one, for some reason — not dozens) as a means of facilitating his race's conquest of the planet. But there's a catch: the sexless Shandling is fitted with an artificial penis, which hums and vibrates amusingly (sort of) whenever he gets aroused. Cue lots of vibrating penis slapstick, as condoms fly off his dick and women in public places recoil from that strange noise in his pants. Okay, it's not that funny, sadly.

Finally, Shandling hooks up with the slumming Annette Benning, who embodies the ultimate "neurotic, messed-up chick" stereotype, as Shandling's alien gets more and more befuddled. Hilarity ensues. In the end, Shandling discovers that real Earth women are more complicated (and messed up) than the simulation implies, and maybe that means he should become more introspective, or something. Oh, and invading other planets is wrong. [IMDB]


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