A Costumed Gang Plots to Steal Vincent Price's Skull in Funny Short 'Spooky Club'

Illustration for article titled A Costumed Gang Plots to Steal Vincent Prices Skull in Funny Short Spooky Club

Welcome to Spooky Club, where all the members have eerie-yet-useless “talents,” and activities include a scheme to steal Vincent Prince’s skull and cremate it according to his last wishes. Clever editing, rocking music, a retro vibe, and some killer deadpan acting make this short lean more comedy than horror.

But make no mistake. To quote the gang’s skeleton-faced leader, it’s... (dramatic pause) SPOOKY.


“Spooky Club,” which was filmed in England’s Sherwood Forest, is co-directed by brothers Joe and Lloyd Stas. Lloyd tells io9 that Vincent Price’s daughter, Victoria, has seen the short and believes her father would have loved it.

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What a coincidence that I am right now watching Masque of the Red Death (1964). Haven’t seen it in a good 30 years or so, yet on this night I am watching it.