A cop races against the clock to solve a murder? Seen it a million times. A cop travels back in time and wakes up in the body of a man who’ll be murdered in three days... unless he can figure out who’s plotting the crime? That’s something new, and is exactly the kind of insanity we can get behind.

According to Deadline, the film—Victim 321—will contain at least one cop-movie cliché (emphasis ours):

A jaded Chicago homicide detective who wakes up in the body of an ex-con three days before his murder. He has 72 hours to unravel the conspiracy behind the victim’s death, or he’ll meet his own demise.


He’s jaded, is he? Well, at least he’s not a hotshot rookie.

That said—in addition to having that bonkers-sounding plot, courtesy of screenwriter Michael McGrale (The Following; CSI: Miami)—Victim 321 has a huge advantage in director Diego Velasco. It’ll be the first English-language feature for the Venezuela-born, US-raised filmmaker, who made 2010's The Zero Hour, the highest-grossing Venezuelan film ever. It’s a badass crime thriller set in Caracas that resembles the Denzel Washington hospital drama John Q, except with exponentially more motorbikes, tattoos, and gun battles.