Illustration for article titled A cop car keeps playing the “Imperial March” and the NYPD is unamused

You know what seems like a bad idea? Blaring Star Wars' famous "Imperial March" theme from your New York City police car, while patrolling at night. This is probably why the NYPD is less than thrilled that a New York City police car keeps blaring the "Imperial March" during its night patrols.


Via New York magazine's Daily Intelligencer:

Two days ago, Daily Intelligencer reported that, on at least two occasions over the past few months, an NYPD vehicle was witnessed blasting the "Imperial March" — also known as the theme song of Darth Vader — in or around Prospect Park. The NYPD has taken notice, and it is not thrilled.

Both of our sources for the story, musician Tyler Sargent and TV editor Scott Rosann, were contacted by NYPD investigators yesterday. In both cases, the investigators were looking for details that might help them identify which officers were responsible for what seems like, at the least, a PR faux pas.


Obviously, what the NYPD needs to do is to get another cop car, send it to Prospect Park, and have it play "Yub Nub."

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