The real-life missile silo setting really helps make this short film something special. A nuclear engineer lets his art hobby get in the way of his job—but when something goes awry, it may just save him.


Writer and director David Soll, who produces political ads as his day job, funded Silo through a successful Kickstarter campaign and got the rights to film in a decommissioned Cold War-era missile silo in the Adirondacks. This particular silo is owned by Alexander Michael, an architect who has been restoring the living quarters. The main shaft of the silo is flooded, however. The team actually used CG to extend the set and cleaned up the drier portions to make it look like it did when it was active. You can read more about Soll and the project at the Hollywood Reporter.

Watch an Inventive Short Film From an Obama Ad Producer [THR via Vimeo Staff Picks]


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