A Comedic Summary of Whatever the Hell Happens in Dune

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Be warned: if you have any intention of reading Dune (and please do read it, it’s very good) this hilarious video from exurb1a will spoil just about everything.


Frank Herbert packs a lot into Dune: thousands of years of history, interplanetary politics, religious cults, sex, drugs, war, and really big worms... which makes it difficult to summarize—and even harder to film. “Everyone becomes a wizard” is a good start, and using Game Of Thrones characters to explain the long journey of House Atreides is even better. The thought of Trump governing multiple planets though... that’s more terrifying than anything Baron Harkonnen did in the books.

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I tried with Dune, I really did. Maybe it’s just that political stories aren’t really my bag, but I just couldn’t get into it. I appreciate its importance and influence, which are undeniable, but I guess I admire it much more than I enjoy it.