A Collection Of Otherworldly Six Word Stories You Can Read Now

In this story collection, you’ll find a surprisingly crowded (but perhaps indifferent?) solar system, a very systematic weather system, and an ingenuous system to return your unwanted online shopping purchases — and the whole bunch of very short stories is ready to read right now.

You shared over a thousand of your shortest, spookiest, strangest tales in our most recent installment of our six word science fiction series. Here are a few of our favorites:



Mars Rover Offline: Unauthorized Firmware Update


Signal from outer space. Busy signal.


Tonight’s meteor shower has been rescheduled.

America’s Wang

We’ve found a flag on Mars.


Venus. The warning that we ignored.


Aliens came. We sold them souvenirs.


Amazon’s time machine processes returns, delivers.

Jason Torchinsky

According to this, we’re already dead.

Nomadic Dec

“Homo sapiens experiment failed. Repeat trial?”

Ghost in the Machine

Can’t outrun monster. Can outrun you.


Portal to the future: One way


“Enough already” the alien transmission read.

Image: Artist’s concept of life on Mars / NASA

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