These country maps made entirely out of local foods are beautifully executed — but they also have something interesting to say about the way we eat.

The maps are the work of Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin. What I particularly like about this series is that, unlike maps that I've seen executed on a similar concept, this one focuses not on prepared foods, but on a single raw material from each country that makes up what we eat.


Corn, the subject of the U.S. map above, may not be the first food that we think of as typically American, but it's a staple that finds its way into our diets almost everyday. It's also the number one grain used to feed livestock in the U.S..

So, what from your locale would be your choice for a food map? Tell us in the comments what food you would choose, where you are, and why it's a good choice to represent your area.

Other maps in the series — including an Italy made entirely out of different tomato varieties, an India crafted out of spices, and an England of mashed-up biscuits, chocolate, jam — are all below.


You can also check out the video of making the maps at the bottom of the post, where Hargreaves answers the most important question: What happened to all that cheese in the map of France? (He took it home, and ate it. Good.)