A Closer Look at Hasbro's New Marvel Toys—Yes, Including Kamala Khan

We were so happy to see that Kamala Khan is getting her own action figure as part of Hasbro’s Marvel toy reveals at Comic-Con yesterday we had to share the news (and pics) with you immediately. But now we havean even better look at her, and the other reveals from yesterday’s event.


First up is the wave of 6-inch figures to tie into the release of Doctor Strange later this year—although the wave only includes two figures from the film, Strange himself, and Baron Mordo. Joining them in the mystically-themed group are the comic book versions of Iron Fist, Nico Minoru, Brother Voodoo, Dormammu, and Doctor Strange. Yes, double the Strange!

Movie Doctor Strange
Movie Baron Mordo
Doctor Strange
Brother Voodoo
Iron Fist
Nico Minoru

Following their release will be what I’m unofficially dubbing the “YAY MS. MARVEL also some spider-people too I guess” wave—it features Ms. Marvel (now confirmed to have alternate arms to display her shape-shifting Inhuman abilities), Spider-UK, Green Goblin, Jackal (he of the Clone Saga), Spider-Man 2099, and Symbiote Spider-Man.

Ms. Marvel
Green Goblin
Spider-Man 2099
Symbiote Spider-Man

No details on when to expect these figures were revealed—but it’s likely that at least the Doctor Strange wave will be out by the time the movie hits in November.


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