The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer pretty much overwhelmed us with spectacle. And supervillains. Did you catch all of the amazing villain reveals, and weird clues? We've got you covered, with our complete roundup of screencaps!

First, let's pause and check out this high-res banner — we showed you a blurry version of it last week — which includes the three major villains in the movie, the Rhino, the Green Goblin and Electro:

And now, let's take those one by one, from the screencaps:


Electro is Max Dillon played by Jamie Foxx, and apparently is a criminal who gets electrical powers and goes on a major terror spree.

Really digging the look of Electro's powers in these scenes.

Note the electric eels in the left side of the frame. Guessing those have something to do with Electro's powers?

And here he is getting his powers.

And later in the trailer, a high voltage bioelectric facility explodes, with water flying everywhere.

Pretty sure this is Dr. Kafka (Marton Csokas), the head of the Ravencroft Institution for the Criminally Insane. And he appears to be helping Electro with his transformation.

Pretty. Badass. Ravencroft can't hold him any more.

Trouble at Ravenscroft. All the guards are summoned.

Is that a containment suit? Or just a fancy suit?

Insert obligatory J.J. Abrams joke. There is a lot of lens flare here.

He can apparently generate a bubble of electromagnetic energy.

Jamie Foxx is favoring whisper-acting here.

Where is this? Ravenscroft again?

Or some kind of power plant?

The Rhino:

Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti) is a small-time hood who gets access to a massive suit of armor and uses it to try and stomp Spider-Man.

See Paul Giamatti's head in the cockpit...

...of this ridiculously insane rhino mecha.

Update: MagicMan81 notes that there appears to be a Russian star on the side of that mecha. So maybe it's not from OsCorp, like most of the other stuff in this trailer?

And here he is without the rig, probably earlier in the film.

You can't see it, but it's the Rhino driving that truck.

Approximately 100 NYPD cars are destroyed in this trailer.

Manhole attack!

Green Goblin:

Dane DeHaan from Chronicle plays Peter's old best friend Harry Osborn, heir to the OsCorp fortune. And due to his evil father Norman (Chris Cooper), he turns against Peter and starts wearing an exoskeleton and flying around being evil.

Is that a closeup of Dane DeHaan's eye? It looks too old, but then I'm not sure who else it could be, and it seems to lead into the shot below. Another possibility: It could be Dr. Kafka (Marton Csokas) observing Electro's transformation.

Our first glimpse of the Green Goblin armor.

He's got a touchscreen with all Oscorp's evil experiments on it. Including "Synthetic Plants." Hmm.

Update: Commenter Laurence shares a list of the whole bunch:

Nano Drug System, Weapons System 8A, Venom Storage 7-U, Exoskeleton 232, Plutonium Lab, Research SGOP 520, Transmitter Test 9, Carbon Fiber Test 7, Oscorp Lab 231, Internal System Test 2, Labs 2345 – 4748, Oscorp Tower File 23.

Synthetic plants, Experiment OCT 32A, 67B – Bio-Lab, Eel Lab – Report 29, Ravencroft, Oahu Facility, Document 9303-D, Power Station – NY, OS – Suit (Mark III), London Lab – 0930, Australia Project, Dr Connors File, Dr Morbious File

Harry descends into a secret lair...

Where a bunch of sinister doors begin to open.

Harry visiting a hidden and long-forgotten lab.

Guessing this is another glimpse of the Goblin armor.

Here's Harry's dad Norman, who's in bad shape — in the first movie, OsCorp was searching for a cure for him.

Harry's concerned about what will happen to Peter Parker, but his dad tells him not everybody gets a happy ending.

Note the Goblin Glider.

Looks sort of like Sting in Dune here.

Whatever they do to Harry, it's not fun.

Doctor Octopus and the Vulture?

Two other major Spider-Man villains seem to be teased here:

Tell me those aren't the Vulture's flying harness and Doc Ock's arms, side by side. And who's this mysterious figure entering an OsCorp vault?

The Parker Family Mystery

The notion that Peter's father had secrets, and that they relate to the origin of Peter's powers, was teased in the first movie but largely dropped in the final edit. Now it's back in force:

So Oscorp had all the Parkers under surveillance, Harry reveals.

Peter interrogates Aunt May about his parents, while standing in front of a Conspiracy Theory wall. One sticky seems to say "BACH HEAD". ???

More Conspiracy Wall.

Hidden lair under abandoned subway station. The Tomorrow People should sue.

Looks like it's a converted subway train.

Richard Parker's secret is.... that he was a UNIX sysadmin.

Just kidding. The video decompresses and Richard Parker reveals he had to hide his research because OsCorp would abuse it. Too bad Peter handed it over in the first movie.

The Jet Set Piece:

An airplane pilot is fighting with some other guy. Could be Agent Berkley (Frank Deal). Not sure.

It's a luxury plane.

And it's going down.

The Times Square set piece:

He swings down from the skyline, lands on the roof of a car that's flipping over, and catches it before it smushes a cop. Pretty nifty.

Buildings are actually crashing down.

Other stuff:

What airplane is Spidey falling out of here? Is it the same airplane we see being trashed?

Uncle Ben's grave? Or Captain Stacy's? Someone else's?

The Daily Bugle has a Tumblr! Hope there are lots of animated "threat or menace" GIFs.

Gwen is in trouble. In some old building with massive gears. Clocktower? (Or a suspension bridge?)

More of those gears.

Spidey swings past the evil Oscorp tower while being chased by a helicopter. Seriously, everything evil in this movie seems to come back to Oscorp. Kind of sad that it's all one evil corporation, instead of a bunch of standalone maniacs, but probably better in terms of creating a cohesive world.