Ecocity Builders is a group that does eco-friendly urban projects. They've just posted some cool images of what a typical urban downtown looks like now, and what it would look like if the city were redesigned to be a pedestrian space made with recycled materials. Above, you can see the "before" picture. Click through to see the "after."

According to Ecocity Builders, the process of recreating the city would involve:

restructuring while recycling building materials, digging up once-buried natural waterways, adding pedestrian infrastructure and building upon a transition to "mixed uses" and "balanced development" in which the important activities are provided for within a short distance.


And now, here is the glorious result:

An ecocity downtown with waterways restored, bridges between buildings, pedestrian streets, solar active and passive energy technology and design, rooftop access to elevated "streets" and bridges between buildings. Slowly, people are moving in from the suburbs toward city and town centers using development profits to help pay for buying and removing buildings in automobile dependent areas. Now the city center runs on a fraction of the energy as before, has streets filled with fruit trees, is extremely friendly to the pedestrian and the whole city takes up much less room, making room for more agriculture and natural land.

Images by by Richard Register.

Ecocity Builders [via TreeHugger]


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