A children's anime series with rainbow-colored, gut-wrenching lessons in ethical philosophy

One of the classic kids' anime shows that made its way across the Pacific was Monkey Magic, and it was full of fighting, jokes . . . and very deep lessons about philosophy and ethics. I love this one in particular, where Monkey meets Buddha, and learns that he is but a puny dot in the universe occupied by Buddha, and that selfishness causes pain to others. Complete with trippy animations as Monkey dives deep into Buddha's mind and makes terrifying discoveries about the nature of being. The best part is that the whole thing is based on an actual Buddhist story.

Here's the bouncy opening credit sequence to this seriously weird (and tragically forgotten) show.


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As Robbot said, this is an adaptation of "Journey to the West"—if you haven't heard of it, it's a classical epic of Chinese literature. In the original story, when the Monkey King came to the five pillars at the end of the universe, in addition to signing one he also took a leak on another...