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R. Fiore's review of Marvel's X-Women is one of the funnier comic reviews I've read in a while. The key quote? "X-Women is a one-shot, so be careful your one shot doesn't stain your clothing."


X-Women, which is illustrated by Italian erotic comics maestro Milo Manara, depicts a sexy Mediterranean vacation for the X-Men's XX-membership. Says R. Fiore at The Comics Journal:

When dressed formally for a social occasion their outfits are so designed that they could not move an inch without exposing a primary or secondary sexual characteristic. They neither acknowledge that they are practicing their fetish or discuss it among themselves. It is a solitary vice practiced collectively. It's like one of those pin-up calendar drawings where the girl is obliviously performing some mundane task in a see-through version of everyday clothing, as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. The mundane activity is a globe-trotting exotic adventure you would not give a second look to if semi-nude women were not present with ersatz hard-boiled narration you would not read unless you were trolling for snark for your blog post.


X-Women was released on July 8.

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