A chatbot's hilariously nonsensical script has been turned into a short film

A few weeks ago we predicted that the day is fast approaching when a machine will be able to write a scifi novel or a short story. Well, despite the short film presented here, we're still sticking to that prognostication — though it's now painfully clear that we're going to have to wait a while before an AI can produce something that's actually watchable. Check out the video to see what we mean.


Called "Do You Love Me," this unintentionally surreal romantic comedy was created by director Chris R. Wilson. He pieced the script together by engaging Cleverbot in a conversation — clearly his first mistake. The resulting dialogue was incorporated into the short film, resulting in a story that makes about as much sense as most Hollywood scripts these days.



damn. I spent a few minutes just arguing with Cleverbot about whether or not Cleverbot asked how old I was. There is NO way that robots will be able to write a story anytime soon if that is the most advanced AI....