A cartoon essay that explores why we love to be scared

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As comic essayist Lucy Knisley prepares to head to a haunted house, she begins to consider the role of horror in our lives, the comfort of safe scares, and the real-life fears that go deeper than supernatural terrors.


Be sure to click through to the second page of Knisley's latest comic "Scaredcited," for which she polled her readers on their greatest fears (those same readers appear in the comic beside their fears). Also, Johnny Wander webcomickers Yuko and Ananth make a cameo appearance on the relieved end of a haunted house.

Scaredcited [Stop Paying Attention]


Jean Rhys Lives

1. Bugs in your house are terrifying. Especially swarms of them because it also suggests that you are living in filth and not holding up to the cleanliness standards your mother tried so painstakingly to instill in you when you were young.

2. "Being a Bad Parent" or "Failing to Protect your Children" is a theme I see regularly in some of the best cerebral horror films, most notably in South Korean thrillers. All of Park Chang-Wook's Vengeance trilogy, Bong Joon-Ho's "Mother" and "The Host," even "The Chaser." Somehow, it really strikes a note, even if you don't have children.