A Cartoon Bunny Contemplates the Abyss in Animated Short Afterwork

Goin’ down.
Goin’ down.
Image: Vimeo Staff Picks

By day, he’s a Looney Tunes-style rabbit whose bustling career is built around constantly getting bested by his nemesis, a cheeky carrot. By night, he wallows in depression brought on by the dark monotony of his constant defeats—until a strangely familiar vegetable pops up to taunt him in real life, too.

Afterwork, a Vimeo Staff Pick from Luis Usón and Andrés Aguilar, makes clever use of a variety of animation styles to bring its frustrated hero to life. Is this what Wile E. Coyote became, after years of chasing that damn Road Runner?


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So... ‘Life sucks!’? Did I get it? Did I grasp the nuance here? Wow. Who woulda thought that life straight up sucks? I am astonished. Truly expanded, thanks to this insightful work. This animated enlightenment has shown me new vistas of understanding within the cosmos we share. ‘Life sucks’. What a work of art.