The Harry Potter ripoff movie The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising made a pretty abysmal 3.7 million in its opening weekend, and that's because producers turned its ultra-dark, time-travelly source material (Susan Cooper's brooding young adult book series) into a craptastic superhero adventure. They even added a Harry Potterism to the movie title, tagging it "The Seeker," as if this depressing tale of a journey into England's murky past were about some kid playing Quiddich. If you really want to know where the moviemakers went wrong, look no farther than the Authorblog, which offers a gigantic chart showing how each cool element of the novels was translated into drek for the screen. Some of the worst offenses include draining all the awesome Arthurian legend stuff out of the flick, and adding gratuitous snake fu to a scene in a church that is supposed to be quietly horrifying. Hey, at least there's a hunky Christopher Eccleston in a cyber-goth outfit.

The Dark is Rising — An In-Depth Analysis [via Authorblog]