A Cardboard Cylon and Some Superhero Hotness

Nothing like combining a new-school cylon with the old-school goodness of cardboard. That's what ratmanproductions did, and he has a nice step-by-step series of photos on Flickr showing the costume as it evolved out of cardboard, duct tape, and a head-mounted flashlight. Ratman's recycled boxwear menace is just one of many fine costumes io9 readers posted in the io9 Halloween costume Flickr pool. Below, check out a three hot superhero costumes.


Schlaud4 gave us a glimpse of himself in three different hot costumes: Mega Man, Anakin (waving that light saber in the bathroom — dangerous!), and dark Spider-man. Oh the hotness! It is too much. Want to have your costume featured this month in io9's Halloween costume show? You too can post pictures of your favorite (or least favorite, or most humiliating) costume in io9's Flickr pool. We'll be featuring cool, original, and eye-catching costumes all throughout the month of October. There are a ton of other great costumes in the Flickr pool right now. Check it out and post your own! (Pictures of yourself only, please!) io9 Halloween Costume Show [Flickr]

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