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A Brilliant YouTube Channel Called Action Movie Kid Is Being Turned Into A Movie

Illustration for article titled A Brilliant YouTube Channel Called iAction Movie Kid/i Is Being Turned Into A Movie

A young boy’s imagination, a father’s skill with special effects, a YouTube channel, a book deal and now a major Hollywood motion picture. The tale of Action Movie Kid is pretty incredible.


The story begins in 2014 when visual effects artist Daniel Hashimoto posted a video to YouTube enhancing his young son’s penchant for action with effects that brought everything to life. Over 100 million people watched the videos, he made some follow-ups and now, The Hollywood Reporter says the movie rights to Action Movie Kid have been sold and a screenwriter hired.

That writer is Andrew Dodge, who wrote the Jason Bateman comedy Bad Words. He’ll be the second writer to tackle the subject. Action Movie Kid was already turned into a children’s book, released by Simon & Schuster last year, which Hashimoto co-wrote with Mandy Richardville (it with illustrations by Valerio Fabbretti, which you see above)


But now, this is becoming a movie, and you can already imagine the franchise possibilities. Or you can imagine that’s exactly what the film’s producers, who also did Twilight and the Maze Runner, are thinking. It’s just a simple, incredibly funny and sweet idea that mixes pop culture, family values and good, clean fun.

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This reminds me of Axe Cop, brilliant concept.