A Brief Look at the Mad Max: Fury Road Anime We Almost Had Instead

During director George Miller’s long, long trek to get a fourth Mad Max movie made, at one point in the ‘00s he had the idea to make it an anime movie. It never materialized, which is probably for the best since Fury Road was great. But now we finally have a brief look at what might have been!


This concept art of Furiosa and Immortan Joe was done by famed concept artist Mahiro Maeda, whose CV is terrifyingly long. According to Miller, the anime movie would have been focused o Furiosa’s character, which, if it would have been anything like the recently released Furiosa comic, then we should all be glad the anime never happened. As it turned out, Maeda’s designs made their way into Fury Road anyways, the live-action film was awesome, and everybody won!

[Via Crunchyroll and /Film]

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