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A Brief History Of The Last 100 Years That Never Happened

Do you ever wonder what alternate history would be like if it wasn't about the South winning the Civil War, or the Nazis winning World War II? Then check out this clip from 2009: Lost Memories, a 2002 Korean movie about a conspiracy that succeeded in rewriting the past. Not surprisingly for a Korean movie, it focuses on the Japanese occupation of Korea. In the alternate history the conspiracy creates, the nuclear bombs fall on Germany instead of HIroshima and Nagasaki. Interestingly, the movie predicts in "our" continuity, North and South Korea reunify in 2008. [IMDB]


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Why does every plot to re-write history have to be about World War 2? Like, seriously, why does single fictional person look back and decide to mess with World War 2? What is it about World War 2 that makes fictional characters go "Hmm, I should make it so Germany one, that might be interesting!"

Just once, I'd like someone to change history in such a way that we're all riding dinosaurs. Cyborg dinosaurs, preferably.

Because that would make an awesome movie.