A brief history of physics, whimsically animated

We're loving this expertly animated history lesson in physics from the folks at BBC Science Club. Directed by Åsa Lucander and narrated by Dara O Briain, the short provides a tidy, witty and informative overview of scientists and scientific progress from Galileo right up through the Large Hadron Collider.


[Via Kuriositas]

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I only have a B.S.c. in physics, but that's all kinds of wrong. The Galileo story is known to be a myth, the explanation of Newtonian mechanics is misleading, the special relativity section is just wrong (things don't get smaller, their length appears to compress in the direction of motion), and I'm not sure about the general relativity section (that was master's level stuff at my school) but I don't think that general relativity lead to quantum mechanics.

All in all, very disappointing.