Image: Slack Socks from the Slack Shop

I have a crippling addiction, and it’s hoarding screenshots of conversations and announcements made by my coworkers in our chatroom. Not incriminating ones, just the ones I find particularly funny. And now I am going to share some of them with you now.

Slack is the internal chat system that we at Gawker Media—and many other media companies—use to pitch stories, brainstorm headlines, and otherwise do actual work. It’s also where things get weird.

For example, here’s a selection of words of wisdom from our dear leader, Rob Bricken:

Although his highest Slack point was probably his summation of the problems faced by the Riddler in Gotham:

In case anyone was wondering if we’re as nerdy as we claim: James Whitbrook and I will never shut up about Star Wars names:

Now, I’ve only included every time in the last 18 months that I’ve said this, but trust me, everyone here has said this at least a couple of times:

Baby explosion, defined:

What happened when I went on vacation:

And, of course, a great pitch:

Rob once had a really important Mystery Science Theater 3000 question for me:

And I have strong feelings about re-reading The Jungle Book that aren’t related to racism:

But our crowning achievement may be the Comic-Con in 2014, where I made the mistake of admitting my nightmares:

Which lead, inexorably, to this (note that due to weird slacking, the part where I say I’ll ditch Boxtrolls is in response to the Rockets Over Snarb one below it):

And then, all of these:

And then, the morning after, this:

Finally, the most important words of wisdom from our esteemed executive editor, John Cook, on a day when the office was almost below zero:

This has been “Some Slacks I Have Saved.”