A Bride Realizes the Bloodthirsty Truth About Her New Family in the Macabre Comedy Ready or Not

You in danger, girl.
You in danger, girl.
Image: Fox Searchlight
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Haven’t heard of Ready or Not? Neither had we, but this first trailer for the horror comedy from directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette (formerly of filmmaking collective Radio Silence, which made Devil’s Due and Southbound) suddenly has us intrigued. It’s about a bride who realizes on her wedding night that her new husband’s old-money family has some very unusual traditions.

So it’s kind of The Purge meets every newlywed-themed gothic horror movie ever (Rebecca, Crimson Peak), but with a pitch-black sense of humor and the added bonus that the rich family is as inept with their weapons as they are determined to make the bride their ritual sacrifice.

Also, that cast has some random yet awesome faces popping up: Samara Weaving (Ash vs Evil Dead, The Babysitter), Wynonna Earp’s Melanie Scrofano, and Orphan Black’s Kristian Bruun, as well as Adam Brody and Andie MacDowell.


The tone here—scary and gory but also funny and goofy—seems like it’ll really be what sets Ready or Not apart, but we won’t know for certain until the film hits theaters in August.

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I kept going back to the article, thinking I’d missed where it said Margot Robbie was the star.

I swear, there’s a lab in Australia that pops out a new clone of Jamie Pressley every few years.