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A Brand new Science Fiction Bookstore in Brooklyn — With a Mission to Save Classic Books

There aren't as many science fiction specialty bookstores are there used to be, thanks to the onslaught of Borders and Amazon — so it's great news to hear of a brand new SF store opening in Brooklyn. Singularity & Co. is having its opening party tonight, and should be open for business soon.


In addition to being a new place for you to go buy books and share your love of speculative fiction, Singularity & Co. is also on a mission to help save classics of the genre. The bookstore has launched the "Save the Sci Fi" project, which aims to bring one cult science fiction novel back into print every month, and also publish that novel online for free as an ebook. That project has already raised $52,000 on Kickstarter. (We covered this project before.)


As the Guardian's Damien Walter points out, this isn't the only new project that aims to bring classic SF texts back from "out of print" limbo — SF publisher Gollancz has also launched the "Gateway SF" project, aimed at reissuing some great older novels as ebooks.

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I think I'd say "onslaught of B&N and Amazon," since Borders isn't really a threat to anyone anymore, except maybe for the landlords who are still struggling to fill in the enormous, vacant big box retail spaces on their properties.