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A Brand New Orphan Black Series Could Be Happening...on AMC

Orphan Black suddenly has a future again, albeit a strange one.
Orphan Black suddenly has a future again, albeit a strange one.
Photo: BBC America

The Clone Club lives on even after BBC America’s Orphan Black wrapped. But now it looks like fans could get a brand new jolt of DNA.


Variety is reporting that AMC is currently in early talks to bring the beloved series Orphan Black back to TV, after it ended its five-season run on the channel two years ago. Temple Street Productions, the studio that developed Orphan Black, will apparently produce the series once again, but this is neither a continuation nor a reboot of Orphan Black’s story. Instead, the trade alleges, this series will be an entirely new spinoff set within the same world.

Whether that means a completely new cast of characters rather than telling another story with Tatiana Maslany’s Sarah Manning—or one of the many other clones she portrayed on the show (or even one we didn’t get to meet)—remains to be seen. IDW did have a comic series spinoff for a while, but the most recent, Crazy Science, which was meant to be released after the TV finale, was canceled after its first issue.


It’ll be an unusual project either way, given that this will be on an entirely different network from the original (even if it is owned by the same folks). We’ll bring you more about the surprising new future of Orphan Black as we learn it.

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