A Brand New Mystery About Star Trek Into Darkness: What is MC-9321?

We still don't know much about the plot of Star Trek Into Darkness, beyond "there's a bad guy blowing stuff up." And if you scan this cool-looking Empire Magazine cover, featuring the cast and director of the new Trek film, with the Star Trek app, you get a picture of a mysterious device:


What is this item? It looks sort of like a shuttlecraft, only too small for a person to get inside. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) seems to be interested in it, so maybe it's a precursor of the Genesis Device that she builds in Wrath of Khan? In any case, it looks like something designed to go into space, and it could be a crucial linchpin to the non-"stuff blows up" portions of this movie's story. If any.

And here are a couple other new stills that Empire released:

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