A Brand New Expanse Trailer Asks You to Pick a Side

Image: Syfy
Image: Syfy

Even though, as Jim Holden (Steven Strait) puts it in the trailer, “Earth, Mars, the Belt, it’s all bullshit. There shouldn’t be any teams.” He knows that, and we know that, but try telling the people in power in the Expanse that.


If you’ll remember, season one of The Expanse ended with the discovery of a bioweapon that was being tested by a group hiding their experiments in the tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belt. By the looks of the trailer that premiered on Entertainment Weekly, everyone’s edging toward open war regardless of who’s really at fault.

By the way, yes, it does quote one of our articles on the show in this trailer. We expect the contrarians on the site to take our love of this show as an anti-recommendation.

The Expanse returns February 8 February 1. (Edit: Whoops, it’s been moved)

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