It's a story as old as time: alien girl sings about how she's bored, alien girl steals spaceship for planet earth, girl dances with snakes, elephants, and stereotypical African natives. And she does it all in sequins. It's just a normal day on the set of the German musical revue Bühne frei für Marika.


This film, which translates as The Stage is Set for Marika, is a series of song and dance numbers featuring Austrian-German singer and actress Marika Rökk. This number is called "Mir Ist so Langweilig" or "I'm So Bored," and it's pretty self-explanatory, even without a German translation.

And, as one Metafilter user notes, it looks like we've discovered the secret origin of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" dance lean.


[via Neatorama and Metafilter]

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