Logan is going black and white on May 16. Image: Fox

Director James Mangold just announced that his hit film Logan will return to theaters for one night only in a special black and white version.


Mangold previously announced he was working on a black and white version of the film, but this is the first we’re hearing it’ll be shown in theaters. Sadly, details beyond that are scarce. Will it be 1,000 screens? 500 screens? We don’t yet know and haven’t heard back for Fox for comment. It’s probably best just to keep an eye on your local theater’s website for May 16 screenings.

Mangold also confirmed the black and white version will be available when Logan hits Blu-ray the following week. This will just be the only opportunity to see it on a big screen.

This marks the second film a major studio has decided to give a small theatrical re-release in black and white. The first, of course, was Mad Max: Fury Road, a film with a similar desolate setting to Logan. What is it about sprawling vistas and a lack of color fans seem to love so much?



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