A bizarre igloo-shaped hotel lies unfinished and abandoned in Alaska

When in Alaska, build igloos? That appears to have been the thought behind Igloo City, a planned hotel located in Cantwell, Alaska, along the George Parks Highway. Construction on this architectural monstrosity began and ended in the 1970s, abandoned because the developers failed to follow the building codes. Now it's a mere roadside attraction, drawing both vandals and those interested in this bit of development folly.

Top photo by Malcolm Manners.

Travelers driving between Anchorage and Fairbanks can still see Igloo City rotting on the side of the road. What might have been a convenient spot for a hotel is now a convenient spot for photographers looking to capture its decay. Kuriositas has a nice collection of Igloo City photos, including the unfinished interior, which is considerably more attractive than its exterior. And, of course, there's a huge pool of photos on Flickr.


Photo by Bob Keefer.

Alaska's Abandoned Igloo City Hotel [Kuriositas]

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