In this stunning video captured by AkXpro, a large pod of whales can be seen forming a circle and then lunching out of the water in near-perfect synchrony. It's a remarkable hunting strategy known as bubble feeding.


AkXpro used a drone to capture this fantastic footage in Alaska's Prince William Sound.


Typically, humpback whales lunge into a shoal of prey, but as described in Arkive, they also herd their prey using a "bubble net" to trap them in quantity:

During this process, a number of whales will circle underwater emitting a continuous stream of air which traps fish in the centre of the ring, the whales then surface up through their 'net' gorging on the contents within. During the summer months, humpbacks must feed intensely as they do not feed again during either the migration or the time spent in tropical breeding grounds.

This video describes the process in more detail:

[ Via Neatorama ]


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