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A Before-And-After Look At How Sharlto Copley Became The Robot Chappie

Chappie, the childlike super-genius robot, is the best thing about Chappie, the movie. And a large part of that is due to Sharlto Copley’s insane performance, done via motion capture. We’ve got an exclusive clip from the movie’s DVD featurettes that shows how Copley created the character.


Chappie is out on DVD and BluRay on June 16 — the disk features an alternate ending, an extended scene, and nine brand new featurettes. You can also get the movie as part of a new box set of all three Neill Blomkamp movies, the Blomkamp³ Limited Edition Collection.


So here’s the clip from the featurette about Copley’s creation of Chappie, in which he talks about the challenge of being a robot with a 300 IQ:

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Sharlto Copley is a really talented actor, CGI or no, and I wish Hollywood would make more use of him.