A battle with every Power Ranger in existence going absolutely bonkers en masse

In this scene from the Japanese tokusatsu show Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (which premiered last month in Japan), a battle erupts between some bad guys and what appears to be every Super Sentai (a.k.a. "Power Rangers" stateside) hero ever created. Somewhere deep within your subconscious, your inner child's head has exploded into a million candy-colored pieces.

[Via Reddit]

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James Whitbrook

Oh god it's the original Red Ranger! And the fucking badass Green Ranger! it's like the Battle at the Black Gates of Mordor, except for everyone's wearing spandex! OUR SHIELDS CAN'T REPEL NOSTALGIA OF THAT MAGNITUDE!

Needed more ridiculous 'slow motion acrobatics away from absurdly huge pyrotechinal explosion in the background' shots, though - more than anything (well, other than the ridiculously awesome MMPR merch I still have knocking around the house somewhere. Kinda makes me want to play with the Green Ranger Dagger/flute thing that played his awesome music again!), that was my defining Power Rangers memory. That was the awesome!