A Bard's Tale Can't Compare to Bad Soup in This Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Comic Exclusive

It’s okay, Hup. I’m sure your swamp water soup is quite lovely.
It’s okay, Hup. I’m sure your swamp water soup is quite lovely.
Image: French Carlomagno and Jim Campbell (Boom Studios)

The customer is always right—especially on Thra, when that customer is a Skeksis attending a Gelfling tavern.


io9 has an exclusive look at the new arc beginning in Boom Studio’s Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance prequel comic. Kicking off in its fifth issue under the new creative team of Adam Cesare and French Carlomagno, the story will dive into the journey of everyone’s favorite podling, Hup—and show how a chance encounter with a Gelfling bard named Barfinnious sets him on his unlikely quest to become the noble Paladin we meet in the sumptuous Netflix show.

All good heroes have lowly starts, however, and Hup’s is lowlier than most, serving swamp water soup as a tavern podling, listening to Barfinnious weave tales of his adventures as a former Paladin himself to an honored guest. Take a look in our exclusive preview of the issue below!

Can Barfinnious’ tales be trusted? Is a badly-reviewed soup what really kicks off Hup’s grand adventure? How many spoons will he come to covet in this story arc? We’ll find out answers to at least some of those questions when Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #5 hits shelves on January 15.

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