A Bad Lip Reading of A New Hope Somehow Turns Star Wars Into a Fantastic Musical

What if, instead of hiring John Williams to compose the score for Star Wars: A New Hope, George Lucas had brought on Marvin Hamlisch to turn his space opera into an intergalactic musical? The latest episode of Bad Lip Reading gives us a look at what might actually be the only way A New Hope could be improved.


BLR’s “It’s Not a Moon” ranks up there with Williams’ “Imperial March” when it comes to earworm potential, and despite throwing most of the plot of Star Wars out the window, the nonsensical dialogue in this parody still isn’t as cringe-worthy as what Lucas put in the scripts.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]


Tomb: R.O.A.C.H. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Yet another Bad Lip Reading creation that will be stuck in my head for a while.

You basically only need to go Oh oh ah oh oh oh ah! and I will hum the seagull song for the rest of the day.