A 7-year-old now has his own television show: Axe Cop is coming to TV!

Wonderful news, everyone! Axe Cop is getting its own TV show! The internet sensation comic, written by a five-year-old (Malachai Nicolle) and drawn by his big brother (Ethan Nicolle), is the first show to take part in Fox's new animated late-night Saturday programming block.


Vulture is reporting that Fox has greenlit production of an animated version of Axe Cop :

Fox has ordered six fifteen-minute episodes of the show and plans to debut it early next year as part of its previously announced late-night Saturday animation block. The network expects to air about an hour of first-run animation programming, including a number of recurring series and a slew of animated shorts. Add in some acquired animation, and Fox hopes to have a 90-minute block of programming to air opposite Saturday Night Live by sometime next year. ADHD properties will also be widely available on digital platforms.


Fuck and yes.

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I am still trying to wrap my head around all of this. Why is fox trying to do a adult swim style block of programing on late Saturday night. It makes zero sense to me.