A 3-D conversion we can get behind: Terry Gilliam wants Time Bandits 3-D

Here's talk of a 3-D conversion that's so curious and unasked for that it should definitely happen — Terry Gilliam wants to convert his 1981 dwarven time-travel flick Time Bandits into 3-D. Let's make this a reality, folks.

Here's what Gilliam had to say about the proposed conversion:

We are in discussions to make a 3D version of the film ‘[Time] Bandits.' That will not change anything in the film itself will remain the same and if I think it serves as some passages in ‘Alice [In Wonderland'], the 3D should work well. Anyway, I'll have fun with it!


Time Bandits was a box office success in its day, so the idea's actually not that far-fetched. I'm guessing this would be for some 30th anniversary re-release. Also, the film had what is quite possibly the finest movie trailer in cinema history.

In other news, the funding's collapsed for The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Gilliam's time travel adventure about a 21st century ad exec meeting Don Quixote in 17th century La Mancha. Gilliam told Variety, "Robert Duvall is Quixote, Ewan McGregor is also there, and we are looking for new financing right now." Gilliam tried (and failed) to make the film with Johnny Depp in 2000 — he documented his foibles in the 2002 documentary, Lost in La Mancha.

[Mister Tee's Movie Clicks via Collider]

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