A 2020 G.I. Joe Movie May Be the Start of Hasbro's Cinematic Universe

Image: Hasbro
Image: Hasbro

Paramount Studios just set the dates for a slew of new tentpole films for the coming years, all of which are themed to Hasbro properties.


The first film announced is a new G.I. Joe film, due out March 27, 2020. After that is a Micronauts movie on October 16, 2020, a new Dungeons and Dragons movie on July 23, 2021, and then an untitled film based on another Hasbro property on October 1, 2021.

This is one of those announcements where films have release dates before almost anything else. There’s no public word on scripts, directors, and only a few basic producers are attached at this point. We don’t know if this G.I. Joe film will continue the franchise from the past two films or if it will reboot it. And though Warner Bros. was developing a D&D movie last year, the connection, or lack there of, between projects is unclear.


What we do know is that last year, Paramount hired an insane roster of talent to foster some of these stories, and it seems likely that some of what happened there is why these films are now getting release dates. Maybe some of these writers will even move to working more closely with the individual films.

There were also rumors some years ago about G.I. Joe being the centerpiece in a Hasbro cinematic universe.


Connect those dots all the way to today’s announcement and maybe, just maybe, the reveal of these films, all at once, is more significant than it seems.

We’ve contacted Paramount for potential clarification and will update this story if we hear back.



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Jesus fuck, just stop already with the goddamn “cinematic universes”. It worked for Marvel and literally nobody else. And frankly, none of these properties even sound like a remotely good idea paired together; I mean seriously, how the fuck would GI Joe and Dungeons and Dragons coexist in the same world at all? Cripes, D&D is a multiverse in and of itself!