A 100 Meter Tall Starkiller Base From The Force Awakens Is Now in Abu Dhabi

That headline pretty much says it all. A company called twofour54 transformed a building in Abu Dhabi to look like Starkiller Base from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and you can watch the video above.


Director J.J. Abrams chose the outskirts of the city to film the exteriors for the planet of Jakku and this project was a tribute to that. The structure, the headquarters of a company called Aldar, is 100 meters tall with about 17,000 square meters of surface area. Basically, it’s huge.


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I can’t take Abu Dhabi seriously. Every time I hear the name, I think of Garfield shipping Nermal there and chuckle a bit.

Oh Garfield... You hate Mondays so very much, but I don’t know why. You don’t have a job!