The South Korean government has granted approval to begin construction on what will be the world's first "invisible" tower. Called the Infinity Tower, it will be equipped with an LED facade system and optical cameras to give it a reflective skin — and a striking translucent appearance.

All images via GDS Architects.

There are so many imaginative visions of what future cities, skyscrapers, and towers will look like — but who would have imagined invisible structures? Designed by GDS Architects, the Infinity Tower will be just that.

The LED system will utilize a series of cameras that will transmit realtime images to the building's reflective surface. When fully activated, the tower should blend in with the skyline.

Above: The system at 0%, 30% and 100% activation.

Infinity Tower will primarily be used for leisure activities, and include a series of observation decks, a 4D movie theatre, roller coaster, water park, and numerous food and beverage outlets.

The glass-encased tower will feature the third highest observation deck in the world.

No completion date has been announced, but the project is being backed by Korea Land & Housing Corporation — a state-owned land and public housing developer.

[h/t Design Taxi]