This Star Trek Poster Is Either Very Silly or a Hint to One of Discovery's Weirdest Mysteries

One of the biggest mysteries that Star Trek: Discovery left unanswered by the end of its midseason break—other than, is everyone on this ship crazy or good now, I can’t tell—is just what’s happened with Voq, the mysterious Albino Klingon who could be a secret spy within the Federation. This poster either hints at…

If You Missed Justice League, Here's Your Chance to See Superman's Very Bad Face VFX

By now you’ve heard multiple stories about it: Henry Cavill’s epic mustache that brought Warner Bros. to its knees and the awful CGI work they did to edit the thing out of Justice League. If, somehow, you haven’t actually seen Superman’s digitally-shaved face yet, now’s your chance. Deep breaths, people.

Morbid Experiment Proves This Neolithic Weapon Was an Effective Skull Crusher

Humans have been killing other humans since the dawn of the species, but owing to the poor archaeological record, it’s unclear what sort of weapons our ancestors used to brutalize one another. Using models of human skulls and a replica of a weapon dating back thousands of years, researchers have shown that a bat-like…

Disney Says the Door Is Open to Keep Deadpool's Killer Formula

Today’s announcement of Disney and Fox’s monumental deal raises a lot of questions. For example: What are the regulatory implications of dismantling one of Hollywood’s biggest film studios? But another question has to do with one of Marvel’s filthiest characters, Deadpool, who’s since become a valuable Fox asset.…

More Speculation About the Arrowverse Replacement for Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrow

Rian Johnson reveals how his pitch for the new Star Wars trilogy came about. John Bradley talks about some big movements in Game of Thrones’ final season. Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat lift the lid on Bill’s fleeting return to Doctor Who. Plus, snippets of new Black Panther footage. Hi-o! Spoilers, away!

It's Official: The X-Men and Fantastic Four Are Coming Back to Marvel Thanks to a Huge Deal Between Fox and Disney

After weeks of teasing the public with reports of false starts and stops, Disney and Fox have settled on a massive $52 billion deal in which all of 21st Century’s film rights are being sold to the House of Mouse. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is about to get a whole lot more, well, fantastic.

Van Allen Belt Mystery Solved With Student-Built Satellite

Oh, that Van Allen Belt—online crackpots love to use Earth’s belt of radiation to bolster their Moon landing conspiracies, suggesting it could be too strong for an astronaut to travel through (not true). But the truth is, scientists do think about the Van Allen Belt and its mysteries. They’ve launched probes to study…