Making Justice League's Aquaman Sexy Is the Smartest Thing Warner Bros. and DC Have Ever Done

Even though he’s a founding member of the Justice League, Aquaman’s never really enjoyed the same kind of widespread cultural significance other characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have. Aquaman’s had a long-standing image problem, but with Justice League, DC’s finally trying to fix it in a very…

More Details About a Cameo-Studded Star Wars: The Last Jedi Scene

Detective Pikachu has found its non-Pikachu star. Edward James Olmos teases the surprising humor of The Predator. Gotham is setting up another major arc for Jerome’s return. Plus, new pictures from The Flash’s new encounter with its big bad of the season, and Reign makes her debut on Supergirl. Spoilers get!

This Dragon Ball Z Fan Film Is Probably the Best Live-Action Adaptation the Series Is Ever Going to Get

Many live-action anime adaptations are objectively terrible, but Robot Underdog’s Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope manages to set itself apart. Not with incredibly high production values or brilliant fight sequences, but with an earnest love and respect for the series that it’s based on.

In Image's Death of Love, a Self-Proclaimed 'Nice Guy' Wages War on Romance

“I’m a nice guy” is right up there with “Infinite Jest is my favorite book” and “You like Huey Lewis and the News?” on the list of things a man can say that should immediately raise red flags. Philo Harris, the hero of Image’s upcoming comic Death of Love, really wants you to know that he’s a nice guy.

Loki Is Marvel's New Sorcerer Supreme, and Not Everyone Thinks That's Bullshit

177a Bleecker Street has a new occupant: Loki Laufeyson, the God of Mischief. It’s a wild change for Marvel’s Doctor Strange series, and one you’d think the heroes of the Marvel universe would immediately see as something to be corrected and dealt with. Some do, but surprisingly, certain other characters are fine with…

The Long Journey to Make Pixar's Dia de los Muertos Movie Coco

Pixar’s latest film, Coco, changed so much over the course of its production, its makers couldn’t come up with a title for it. “We didn’t know what we were going to call the film for a very long time,” director Lee Unkrich told io9. “We made lists of hundreds of different titles to try and figure out what it could be. …

Your Guide to Steppenwolf, the Villain of Justice League, and DC's Other 'New Gods'

Justice League finally hits theaters this week, and while its villain, Steppenwolf, is not the big bad many were expecting when the movie was first revealed, he opens up the gateway to a whole new corner of DC Comics canon: Jack Kirby’s legendary Fourth World and its New Gods. Here’s a spoiler-free guide to…