J.R.R. Tolkien's Son Resigns as Director of Tolkien Estate, Ending Decades of Tightly Controlled Adaptations

The news this week that Warner Bros. and Amazon are now working on a The Lord of the Rings series came as a bit of a surprise, since it’d been widely assumed that Christopher Tolkien would never give anyone the rights again. It’s now come out that Tolkien, who has safeguarded the rights of his father J.R.R. Tolkien’s…

Watch How Hollywood Fakes the Ocean Using Nothing But a Ton of Water and Some Construction Equipment

Despite the film’s less-than-stellar box office performance, Adam Savage and the Tested crew spent a bit of time behind-the-scenes of Blade Runner 2049 while the movie was in production, and seeing how the special effects team fakes the ocean by splashing around in a monstrous water tank is especially fascinating.

10 Fictional Religions From Movies and TV That Don't Involve Jedi or the Force

Many scifi and fantasy books explore religious themes: Octavia E. Butler’s Earthseed, Philip K. Dick’s Mercerism, etc. Onscreen, there’s no bigger spirituality movement than Star Wars’ Force. But there’s more to religion in genre movies and TV than the Jedi... so much more. Have you heard the good news?

Justice League Isn't Great, But It Sets Up Great Things to Come

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is both the best and worst of everything we’ve seen from the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe movies. There are plenty of things to like, and about an equal number to dislike. But ultimately, its good things bumped up against the bad enough to leave me with hope and excitement for what’s…

Rotten Tomatoes Will Piss Everyone Off by Delaying Justice League Rating

Having just weathered a news cycle that saw Hollywood execs attacking the movie review aggregation service for allegedly hurting box office receipts, Rotten Tomatoes has chosen a strange time withhold the score for this week’s Justice League. But that’s just what it’s doing—and no one is going to be happy.

Galaxy Quest TV Show Dives Into Modern Fandom, Where 'Scifi Heroes Are Rock Stars'

Fandom has changed, so any series satirizing it must change too. The writer for the upcoming Galaxy Quest TV series says the show is going to be about two generations of the NSEA Protector’s crew, as well as how much pop culture fandom has shifted from the days of Commander Nesmith to a new generation of nerdy “rock…