New Featurette for Will Smith's Orc Cop Movie Bright Is All About Crooked Cops and a Magic Wand

Bright, David Ayer’s new cop thriller premiering on Netflix later this year, is a story about a world in which humans, orc, and other World of Warcraft-esque beings live together in state of rather realistic conflict. Racial tensions run high in the movie’s LA setting as the police department welcomes its first orc…

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Is the Bleakest Lord of the Rings Fan Fic I've Ever Seen

Lord of the Rings—not even in its cinematic, action-heavy form—doesn’t really lend itself to the power fantasy of video games. That’s not stopped people from trying for years, including the latest game, the hack-n’-slash-meets-orc-dating-sim Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. But Shadow of War fails to understand Lord of…

Heath Ledger Wanted Christian Bale to Actually Beat the Crap Out of Him in The Dark Knight

If you thought people accidentally socking each other in genre shows and movies was a distinctly 2017 phenomenon, well, turns out stars have been actually smacking each other around on screen instead of pretending for a while. But in The Dark Knight’s case, it wasn’t accidental: it was at the request of Heath Ledger.